Raising & Linking

1244-1 Hamamachi, Kashima-shi,
Saga Prefecture, Japan 849-1322
TEL.0954-62-3727 FAX.0954-62-6638

The birth of Sake Nabeshima

"I want to make the Sake that is loved and proud of by the local people."
Iimori thought. Taking nearly four years to create the right Sake,
Sake brand Nabeshima was finally released to market in 1998.
And we have been refining the skill of sake brewing steadily step by step.

A strong belief in nurturing Nabeshima.

To protect and nurture the "Nabeshima brand",
the staff will spare no effort.
We make koji manually and do careful preparations.
These processes are supported
by the strong belief of everyone involved in sake brewing.

Naoki Iimori : Chief brewer

As long as I continue to make sake,
I think that Nabeshima is forever unfinished
unless the traditional culture of sake will disappear from this world.
So, I decide goals every year so that I can make a sake brewing
so that I can approach even the ideal even a little.

Pride for Nabeshima brand.

"Nabeshima" means the samurai "Nabeshima" who ruled
Saga clan for about 300 years in the Edo era.
We will keep high quality that is appropriate for that name.
We would like to convey the wonderfulness
and the appeal of the Japanese Sake as well as
Sake Nabeshima to people all over the world.