Sake brewery

1244-1 Hamamachi, Kashima-shi,
Saga Prefecture, Japan 849-1322
TEL.0954-62-3727 FAX.0954-62-6638


Here you can see many Nabeshima products.

Please note:

The sake in the showroom is for exhibition only, not for sale.
I'm sorry. The showroom is currently closed.

Meeting room

While keeping the goodness of old buildings,
We added new elements and revived the space.

We value the beauty of Japan.

We value the culture and traditional beauty of Japan and I would like to continue to convey its charm.

Post town drifts history.

Fukuchiyo Brewery is located in Hamamachi,
Kashima City Saga Prefecture, facing the Ariake Sea.
There is an atomosphere of the lodging town of the Edo period here.
It is also known as the townscape of "Dozo-zukuri".