Sake in Saga

1244-1 Hamamachi, Kashima-shi,
Saga Prefecture, Japan 849-1322
TEL.0954-62-3727 FAX.0954-62-6638
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Make one and only sake.

Our goal is to make sake that is loved by everyone.
Our unflagging enthusiasm for the sake is in Nabeshima.

Natural body sake.

It is aimed not only for "high scent" or "dry"
with natural body natural body
which gently stimulates five senses.

Nabeshima of the world.

Nabeshima was named "Champion Sake",
the best prize of the Japanese sake division,
at the International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2011,
the world's largest and prestigious competition.
It is highly appreciated by many other competition events.

Award history

Nabeshima style.

Daiginjo-shu, Ginjo-shu, Junmai-shu etc.,
Many items are available in the lineup.

Sake "Nabeshima"

Sake brewery auberge.

Enjoy the fusion of sake and Japanese food with all five senses.
A restaurant where you can stay, run by a brewery.